Things Were Going Magically (or was it Swimmingly?)


Whatever happened to the Sebile Magic Swimmer?

About a decade ago, they were one of the most in-demand, hardest-to-find, lures on the market, and for a period of time they seemed to win just about everything under the sun in the Carolinas – specifically, on the hyper-charged blueback herring lakes.

I remember a story about Steve Kennedy driving a long distance on the eve of a tournament just to pick up a couple of them, and then paint them by hand, to get ready for the next day of competition. I haven’t gotten any confirmation about whether the seller convinced SK to say “Roll Tide!” in order to complete the deal, but they were that scarce and that effective.

So why don’t we hear about them anymore?

I have no doubt that these three-piece hard baits will still catch bass. Is there some other reason?

You could argue that the tours don’t visit the blueback fisheries as often, or at least not at the time of year when the Magic Swimmer is most productive. Maybe that’s the case, but there seem to be all sorts of summertime derbies on those lakes, where it usually takes some sort of pencil popper to win. Wouldn’t the Swimmer produce for those same schoolers? What am I missing?