Belt and Suspenders


Most of us pay relatively little attention to hooks or their distinguishing attributes. We have our favorites, we order them repeatedly, and that’s that. We give even less thought to hook accessories and byproducts, so when I see some distinguishing characteristic – especially when it’s recommended by an angler I trust – I try to understand how it could help me out.

That’s the situation that confronted me this week when I saw Kevin Short post about the Hayabusa trailer hooks. Hayabusa may be a relatively new company for most U.S. anglers, but Old Pink has been around the block a few times, so when he recommends something I usually take note.

To the extent that most weekend anglers don’t consider their hook choices all that much, we consider our trailer hook choices even less.  I looked them up on the Tackle Warehouse site, which has effectively grown into a Wikipedia for fishing tackle, and while I’m interested in the hooks for their shape and sharpness, one thing that really caught my attention is the way that they’re affixed to your spinnerbait or buzzbait. Instead of using a small section of clear plastic tubing, or some punched-out holes from a coffee can lid, they provide what essentially look like upgraded bobber stoppers. You can rig ‘em tightly together if you want to keep the hook at a specific angle, or leave some gap if you’d rather have the hook dangle freely. I know that some of you prefer one presentation over the other, and this allows you the freedom to obtain either one.