Break a Leg


Pain heals/Chicks dig scars/Glory lasts forever

Our friend Amber returned to Michigan a week after our late August trip to St. Clair and found the time to squeeze in another day of chasing the most evil fish on earth – the muskellunge. In her case, it was a wise bet, because partway through the day she caught the beautiful musky pictured above.

However, because muskies are so dastardly, the fish got its pound of flesh, too. For several weeks after her trip, Amber felt a pain in her side that stemmed from her hook set. It wasn’t clear whether it was just a bruise or something worse, but it persisted long enough that it merited a trip to the doctor. The x-rays showed that she had dislocated at least a couple of her ribs.

There’s no real treatment for that problem, so she was told to apply heat and give it some rest. That advice was complicated by the fact that she is heading to El Salto in a week, where it promises to be in the 90s and she’ll still be required to set the hook….HARD.

Trooper that she is, Amber is heading there with a full head of steam and a suitcase full of ibuprofen. If it takes another injury to produce her first 10 pounder, I have no doubt that’s a trade-off she’s willing to make. I certainly hope that she doesn’t end up with acute angina or a ruptured sacroiliac, but if that’s what it takes for glory I have every confidence that Ms. Amber will get the job done.