I See Dead People

When Lake El Salto was impounded in the 1980s, they had to relocate multiple villages to higher ground to get them out of the way of the water. While villagers could build a new house nearby, it wasn’t always reasonable or possible to move all of their belongings and structures. Thus, depending on what time of year you fish there, you might find yourself dragging a Carolina Rig across a house foundation or flipping a jig at an old schoolhouse (pretty sure I once caught a five-pounder off a rarely-used wall-mounted pencil sharpener).

While those features are relatively benign, others are a little bit creepier. Specifically, there are at least two cemeteries that are fishable during higher water periods. I am told that the bodies were exhumed and moved prior to the lake being flooded, but I can still understand why some people are less than jazzed to fish around tombstones. As for me, a steady supply of five- and six-pounders can make me pretty comfortable anywhere.