Mexico in May

When I suggest to my fishing friends that they join us in Mexico in May, I invariably get some version of the following response: “Isn’t that like going to Alaska in January?”

No. Not at all.
First off, in Alaska, a place that I love dearly, you can’t wear flip flops in January, at least not if you value your toes. Second, you won’t get much daylight there. In fact, it’s pretty much about as dark as the inside of a cow’s butt for 20-plus hours a day. They may have margaritas, but they don’t have bass, so no, the comparison doesn’t hold up.
With that out of the way, then you have to make the case for why someone SHOULD go to El Salto in the warmer months. The fishing is good just about everywhere at that time of year. It’s my favorite time to fish the Potomac, and whether you live at Kentucky Lake, the California Delta, or someplace up north where it’s just thawing out, it’s probably pretty good too. But it’s better at El Salto. Unless your name is Keith Combs or Dean Rojas or Ish Monroe, you’re probably going to catch the biggest limit of your life.
El Salto will be at its lowest point of the year and monster schools will be ganged up out deep on structure that even the textbook writers couldn’t have dreamed up. For those of us who rarely fish more than 10 feet deep – and no more than 5 if I can help it – it’s an opportunity to head out with swimbaits and 10XDs and other deep water freak baits and put in a day’s work. Sometimes you have to hunt them, but other times you can tie up to a single tree and catch bass after bass after bass, just like the stories that Larry Nixon tells about the old days at Toledo Bend – except the old days are now.
The next question is always about the heat, to which I reply that it’s simply not that bad. It typically breaks 90, but you’re wearing shorts and catching fish and your guide will hand you as many cold Pacificos, waters or Gatorades as you want. Moreover, the wind starts to blow every day at 11am and doesn’t settle down until dark. It helps the fishing and increases your comfort level.
That’s why I’ve gone to El Salto every May/June since 2013, and why I hope to do so until I’m stuck in an old age home or get run over by a garbage truck.
If you’d like to join us, email my wife Hanna at I don’t guarantee you a 10 pounder, but I guarantee you a shot at one, along with the best overall bass fishing trip you can ever hope to experience.