Choke It Down

We are a sport of copycats.
Develop the Senko on Monday, and your 274 closest competitors will knock it off by Tuesday. Create the Alabama Rig and you can expect everyone else to capitalize on your hard work, just with more wires.
The copycattery extends to language, too. When Kevin VanDam started responding to every hook set with a simple “Big’un,” legions of lesser-accomplished anglers followed. Now we all do it. 
Being the contrarian that I am, I have occasionally taken a stand against lame fishing language. Case in point: my ineffective campaign against the phrase “bass on steroids,” whether used to refer to redfish, snook, peacock bass or any other strong finned quarry. I continue to see it in print, so I guess it’s time to give up and take aim at a new phrase.
So I’ve decided that my late 2016 target is the word “choked.”
Not as in, “he choked and lost the tournament,” but rather as in “Look how that fish choked that crankbait.” 
Over the past few weeks it has been about 97 degrees here every day and the fishing has sucked, so I’ve spent beaucoup hours with my ass glued to the couch trying to empty my DVR of all fishing related programming. Whether it’s high schoolers, college anglers or top level pros, you can’t go two commercial breaks without hearing someone say “He choked my frog,” or the shorter “Choked it.” It’s getting tiresome. 
Note: Latrell Sprewell did not approve this message.