Propular Mechanics

After my prop did the full Van Gogh and threw an ear on Saturday, my three-blade became a two-blade. So what happened to that loose piece of stainless steel?

All I know is that the sucker spins clockwise, but I’m sure there are some readers out there versed in the hard sciences or engineering who can hack the numbers and tell me when the base of the blade is most likely to come loose. Is it when it’s heading up, down, left-to-right or right-to-left? If it’s on the downswing, it’s probably buried in yards of Potomac River mud right now. Same if it happened during a side-to-side motion.

But what about if it happened at an angle when the prop was heading upward? Is there a chance that some poor little lady was watering the petunias in her garden and suddenly got knocked silly by an airborne blade of steel? Or could some nice little family sitting down to Saturday pancakes have been interrupted by a bolt of metal lightning through the dining room window. Things like this won’t keep me up at night, but the answers and their ilk might explain a lot of unsolved mysteries.