Two for Two

By Pete Robbins

In 2016, sports is often less about cheering for a team, and more about hoping against some that some other team won’t win. As in: “I’m cheering for [X] and whoever is playing against [Y].”

The rivalries aren’t quite so intense in the world of bass fishing as they are in football or pro wrestling, but there are still favorites and heels, nice guys and ne’er do wells. So far, through two Elite Series events, Leo Durocher has been proven wrong, as the nice guys have finished first.

At the St. Johns River Rick Clunn – a fan favorite, legend, Hall of Famer, and independent thinker – caused a virtual collective cheer when he weighed in a monster bag on Day Three, and then again when he claimed the trophy on Sunday. At Winyah Bay, Britt Myers, a two-time bridesmaid, one of the nicest people ever to cast a Chatterbait, and someone who seems to play the game the right way, came out on top. Once again, just about everyone seemed thrilled.

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I don’t think that many people were actively cheering against Greg Hackney (2nd) or Marty Robinson (3rd) at the St. Johns, nor do I believe that Brett Hite or Kelly Jordon had detractors in South Carolina. While we all have favorites, the bottom line is that few of us lose sleep when our favorites fail to win, nor do we get paid when they do come out on top. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see our overly fractured and cacophonous fan bass speak as one on occasion, and we’ve already had that happen twice this year.