Supply and Demand

By Pete Robbins

Right now, the hottest ticket on Broadway is “Hamilton,” the unexpectedly (to me) popular hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton (not 1992 Bassmaster Classic Champion Robert Hamilton Jr.). It has won many awards and achieved much acclaim, and therefore the producers of the show plan to raise the price of their premium tickets to $849. That three-digit price is just small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who created the show, wrote the music and stars as Alexander Hamilton, has announced that he is leaving the show in July, and it is expected that prime seats for his final performance will fetch in the range of $10,000.

I will not be at that July show, just as I will not be at El Salto in June of this year. That’s when I wanted to go, but by the time we got around to booking our annual (since 2013) summer trip to Sinaloa in January, any time that we could go was already sold out. We ended up going in early May and had a blast, but right about now I’m wishing we had booked for June because May seems so far in the rearview mirror.

I’d like to think that my writing has had at least a small impact on that scarcity of available slots. After all, if you’ve read this blog for any amount of time you know that I’ve ceaselessly raved about the Anglers Inn El Salto experience here, on and elsewhere. There is no possession more valuable to me than my vacation time, and that’s where I consistently go in the limited time that I have off.

Most people probably assume that the time to go is in the cold weather months, and I love heading down there in January when it’s snowing up here, but my absolute favorite time is the low water period in May and June. The fish get bunched up offshore and they’re susceptible to tactics that I don’t get to use around here, like the 10XD and swimbaits. Also, despite many friends’ expectations, it’s not that hot. Every day, at about 11am the wind starts to blow in a refreshing manner, which has the dual benefit of positioning the fish more predictably.

With that in mind, we’re not going to get shut out in 2017. We’ve already reserved a week at the lodge, and we’d love to have more blog readers with us. Just shoot me a message here or on social media if you’d like more information, and then stock up on Advil, because you’d be surprised how heavy a 7 ounce Pacifico can feel after winding the 10xd and jacking big fish all day.