ICAST from Afar - the Triangle Offense

By Pete Robbins

While I rarely fish deeper than 10 feet – and, to be quite honest, it’s most often less than 5 – on our local tidal river, in my travels around the country and the globe in search of green and brown basses I’ve taken quite a shine to deep diving crankbaits.

My gateway drug was the Fat Free Shad, but since then I’ve graduated to other deep divers, as well as super-deep-divers like the 10XD, the crankbait designed to show a crankbait to fish that have never seen crankbaits before. Now, if the advertising copy proves true, Mann’s is coming out with a crankbait that will go places where even those latter day raiders of the lost ark won’t venture. At ICAST they introduced the “Big 4-0,” a crankplug which, as the name suggests, will hit the 40 foot mark.

I’ll need someone with Battisti’s pedigree to tell my how to maximize my chances that it’ll bump along at the 40 foot mark for more than just a few yards. I’m sure it’s a complicated calculation to make, involving factors related to hydrodynamics, line diameter and water temperature, among other things. Another critical factor is how quickly it dives – if it takes 20 feet of forward motion to get to 40, that’s a lot of progress lost. Digging out my old math textbook, I remember that Pythagoras told us that A-squared plus B-squared equals C-squared, so to get it 40 feet deep at the 100 foot mark, you’ll have to have about 108 feet of line out, which of course requires a cast longer than that to begin with. I just hope that I never have to target crankbait fish at the precise depth of 40 feet, but if they’re in that 25-30 foot zone, we might have a new tool to dominate the cranking arms race.