ICAST from Afar - Linkedin

By Pete Robbins

In their push to gain market traction, the folks from Lunkerhunt are pushing the “Link,” a topwater lure that seems to be comprised of two traditional topwaters engaged in a well-played game of follow the leader or caught in flagrante delicto. In other words, they’re hinged so they travel together, but with some freedom of movement from one another.

To their credit, I cannot find a place where the good folks at Lunkerhunt have described this as“revolutionary,” so maybe they recognize that this game has been played before. I remember that two decades or so ago, when the Pop-R was popular and the Rico was still a closely-held secret, the late Ken Cook revealed in Bassmaster that one of his tricks of the trade was to link together two Storm Chug Bugs with a split ring and pop, splash and walk them into the check line.

Storm later marketed the Double Bug, but it must not have sold because I don’t think it lasted more than two iterations of the Bass Pro Shops master catalog.