Clip it and Zip it

I’d like to say that I’m pretty Zen about this whole fishing thing, but that would be a lie. While there are occasional times when I revel in the moment and the overall experience, most of the time I’m concerned with catching more and bigger fish than you. For that reason, it’s important to have a scale on the boat at all times. I want to have a pretty good idea of what my fish weighed.

I’ve gone through a bunch of different models, with varying results and longevity, but over the past year or so I’ve been satisfied with the Connect Scale. It has all sorts of high tech Bluetooth functions that are lost on a Luddite like me. What I like about it is that it seems to be pretty darn accurate and fairly consistent. When you catch that 10-01 you want to have a firm reason to believe that it’s not a 9-15 and with this scale I’m comfortable in that belief.

What I don’t like about the scale, and many of its competitors, is that it simply has a hook at the bottom to hold the fish – either you have to poke a hole in your trophy’s lower jaw, or else you have to wedge the hook in the mouth or gill area. Either way you’re likely to damage the fish, and in the latter case you have a good chance of having it flop off. I’ve solved this problem – I think – with a cool little apparatus I found from Accu Cull called the “Mini Grip.” It’s essentially a locking clothespin with a hole at the top, into which the Connect Scale’s hook slides perfectly. Yes, I know that I need to adjust my weights to account for the heft of the hook itself, but I’m anxious to try this out in Mexico next month – with the hope that it will minimize damage to the fish and prevent them from landing in the drink before I get an accurate readout.