Divide and Conquer

A few weeks ago, on a Saturday when 30 mile per hour winds with heavier gusts prevented me from going on the water, I spent a few hours in my garage trying to tame the mess that is my tackle obsession. Fortunately, I have a wide variety of utility boxes dedicated to this purpose, including many built specifically for fishing as well as some general use containers that have been drafted into this fight. If you’ve fished for any period of time and amassed a healthy amount of tackle, I’m sure that you have quite a few yourself.

It appears that my collection has reached a tipping point of some sort. Many of these boxes come with slide-in dividers that allow you to customize your boxes. In other words, you might want four longish compartments of 16 smaller ones, or some number in between, and by sliding in these plastic inserts into pre-molded slots you can achieve your ideal setup. Unfortunately, unless you use all of them (it’ll never happen) you’re left with a bunch of small plastic rectangles.

You don’t want to throw them away, because someday you might need 800 or so of various sizes, so what do you do? Of course, now the dividers have a box of their own, stacked neatly with those that actually contain tackle. It’s a belt-and-suspenders approach to gear storage. I’m sure that next step will be to get an organizer dedicated to storing individualized boxes of tray dividers.