When Only a Spoon Will Do

As my November 1st blog entry more or less predicted, our number one fish producing lure in Africa was the double spoon. We didn’t have any of our own, but fortunately our trusty outfitter Steve Yatomi came prepared, and combined with my spare hooks and split rings we managed to limp through to the end of our trip with most of them more or less intact. We caught a few fish on Mepps spinners and one on a Pixee spoon, but the double bodied versions seemed to outproduce everything else. I tried some other lures, like a countdown Rapala, a ½ ounce Chatterbait and a ¾ ounce Terminator spinnerbait, but the current we fished was too swift for any of them to be effective.


As you may be able to see from the pictures, the little red flappers on the bottom split ring didn’t always hold up, the bodies are riddled with tooth marks, and we might’ve bent out a hook or two, but the lures themselves stood up to the test.

On the way out of the continent, my friend George Robey took me to a couple of tackle stores in Johannesburg and I bought some more – both the original DAM Effzett and the copycat Storm version. I don’t think they’ll have much application in my stateside fishing, and I have no firm plans to head back to Africa, but if I get a sudden invitation to head to the Zambezi, I don’t want to be caught with the wrong utensil.