Africa Prep - An Intracontinental Storm

In preparing for our latest trip of a lifetime, I’ve scoured just about every YouTube video of tigerfishing on the Zambezi, looking for any little nugget of information that I can get that might help me land an extra fish or two. I’ve been able to locate and purchase most of the lures that have been mentioned, but one that has eluded me so far is the “Express Double Blade Spoon.” That’s odd, because it’s made by Storm, and I certainly have plenty of their other products, but for some reason this one seems to be “Africa only.” Or maybe it’s available in other countries and continents outside of the U.S., but I haven’t been able to find it closer than an ocean away.

A lot of international tackle companies seem to have continent-specific gear. Rapala, Storm’s brother company – has a number of baits and color patterns that are only sold on certain continents. Shimano, certainly no stranger to anyone who fishes on any continent, makes dedicated tigerfish rods, and you can’t get ‘em from Tackle Warehouse.

I haven’t even found a reasonable facsimile for the double blade spoon – as the name suggests, it involves two spoons attached by split rings, and I’m sure that it creates a hell of a racket. I’m hoping that we’ll have some time on our brief stopover in Johannesburg to hit a tackle store or three, just to be safe.