Africa Prep - Pixee Dust

One of the other categories of lures that we’ve been encouraged to pack for Africa is the casting spoon. While there are several European and African brands that get a lot of ink, I haven’t been able to obtain any of them yet, so I’ve resorted to the Blue Fox Pixee, which also gets a fair number of recommendations.

While I had to order a few to get enough, I actually had several hiding in my garage. In the summer of 1995, after taking the bar exam, two friends and I spent a month in Alaska, traveling around with no particular agenda and not much money. We engaged in a fair amount of “combat fishing” off the beach, and the only lure that produced the prized silver salmon consistently was the Pixee. As far as we could tell, color didn’t seem to matter, but we went through a bunch of ‘em.

By the last 10 days or so of the trip, we were running out of cash, so our meal choices were limited. We ate salmon, or we ate salmon. We’d ration our cash to invest in some onions and peppers on special days, or we’d lift some sweet and sour sauce from McDonald’s, and we’d put it on a couple of fillets, wrap them in foil and stick them in the fire for enough time to cook them through. Then we’d dust off three plastic forks (not spoons) and go to work.

With that experience I kind of lost my taste for salmon, but I’m ready to get back on the spoon bite.