Africa Prep – Secret Squirrel

Another lure that comes highly recommended for tigerfish is a Mepps spinner in size 5 or 6. While every bass angler knows about Mepps, the inline spinner has kind of fallen out of favor among “serious” bass anglers. I know that Steve Kennedy fishes a Snagless Sally on occasion, but beyond that I don’t recall any Elite Series pros going inline.

I don’t think I’ve thrown a Mepps since I was a kid, and even then it wasn’t a large part of my underdeveloped arsenal. Nevertheless, at one point in time the company played a large role in my life’s plan. You see, the company always distinguished itself with its squirrel tails, and in their catalog back in the 70s, the fine print promised 50 cents for each squirrel tail delivered in pristine condition to their Wisconsin headquarters.

Our childhood neighborhood was absolutely loaded with squirrels, so my brother and I, being enterprising “utes” with insufficient allowances, planned to kill two birds (or rodents) with one stone. We were going to patrol the neighborhood with pellet guns and start a get-rich-or-die-tryin’ squirrel eradication plan. The plan never got so far as to account for what would happen the first time mom opened the freezer for some frozen peas and found fifty untethered squirrel tails instead. Nor did we ever figure out how we’d get the goods to Cheeseland. As a result, we remained underfunded.

I just dropped nearly a hundred bucks on mail order spinners. There are still plenty of squirrels around. It might not be too late to earn a furry fortune.