Africa Prep - One is the Loneliest Number

So we’re headed to Africa to (hopefully) land a few toothy tigerfish and the tackle prep situation is proving difficult. Not only are we limited to 33 pounds of gear and clothing per person for the entire three weeks, but the information on which tackle to bring is quite limited. Making it even more challenging, most if not all of the fisheries we’re visiting limit you to single barbless hooks on your lures.

I’ve seen several recommendations for Rapala jerkbaits, so I invested in a few. Normally I would’ve had no idea which hooks to use to replace the factory trebles. Fortunately Rapala must’ve somehow learned of my need, because this year at ICAST they introduced a number of hard lures that come pre-rigged with appropriate single hooks. I’ll admit, it looks weird to me, and I have no idea what the hookup ratio will be, but it gives me slightly more confidence that I’m using the right rig as opposed to if I’d just eyeballed and redneck-engineered the proper pairing. I’ll report back when the results are in.