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2013 Eastern Divisional - Making Every Bite Count

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By Jim Gildea

September 30, 2013

I’ve probably fished tougher tournaments in my fifteen years of tournament fishing, but right now I can’t think of one. To say that the TBF Eastern Divisional on the Connecticut River was tough would be an understatement.

Out of 98 anglers, only three caught a limit each of the three days and a quarter of the field didn't catch five keepers over three days. Most of the fish are small in the river, but there are big ones to be had. Brittany Johnson caught a 5 lb 3 ounce smallie on Day Two (she got it on a 5-inch Senko, color 329), and there were a number of 4 and 5 pounders weighed in each day. But overall, catching a limit was an accomplishment, so you knew every bite was going to count.

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Pick of the Products - The New Tournament Snap

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By Stan Fagerstrom

September 9, 2013

Shinichi Fukae has done it again.

If you’re a regular reader of this Pick of the Products column you undoubtedly remember the column that appeared here not long ago dealing with the new Swivel Shot set up Fukae developed for Gamakatsu Hooks.

That new drop shot device has had widespread acceptance among many of the pros who depend on using the drop shot when the situation they’re up against demands a finesse approach.

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Beatin' the Bank with Bernie Schultz—St. Lawrence River BASS Elite

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September 6, 2013

Although it's been years since I fished the St. Lawrence River, it's always been my favorite fishery. I've spent many summers there competing in various tournaments, both Canadian and American.

In fact, I won the Canadian Open out of Kingston, Ontario in 1990, and later, an FLW event in Clayton, New York. Because of that, I had tremendous confidence going into this tournament.

Unlike all the other competitions I fished on the river, BASS scheduled this event out of Waddington, NY—some 80 miles to the east-northeast of Lake Ontario. At first, the news was disappointing. But as time would soon reveal, that too, would play into my hands.

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Write Like Wright

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By Pete Robbins

September 9, 2013

I never wanted to write like Hemingway, Thomas McGuane or Norman Maclean or even like Tim Tucker, for that matter. There are lines and themes and characters that I’ve admired in each of their work, but I never set any of them up as a template for what I wanted to do in my second career. At times I’ll read a piece by someone like Chuck Klosterman or Michael Lewis and there will be a turn of phrase so perfectly crafted that it makes me envious, but none of them have written about bass fishing – yet. Once, on vacation in Mexico, I was so wowed by one of Scott Raab’s paragraphs that I got up off the toilet without finishing my business, walked the book into the next room, and read it aloud to my wife. She was less impressed, not to mention horrified. Nevertheless, despite the lack of a clear role model I still hold out hope that there remains time to stamp out an identity for myself as someone with a small portion of those writers’ gifts without being a thief.

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Trailer Talk: Nixon, Yelas, and Ehrler

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By TJ Maglio

September 5, 2013

What has over $6.5 million in career earnings, three Tour-level Championships, five AOY titles and over 25 victories in bass tournaments? If your answer is the three-headed FLW Tour monster that is Larry Nixon, Jay Yelas, and Brent Ehrler, you’d be correct. GYCB is very fortunate to have all three on their pro-staff, a crew that most tackle companies would love to have represent them.

To shamelessly recycle an old adage, the three of them have probably forgotten more about tournament bass fishing than you or I will ever learn, so it seemed pertinent to pick their brains about what kinds of baits they like to tip their presentations with, a “trailer” trailer if you don’t mind a good pun.

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