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Crappie Corner - Fishy Things To Do When It’s Cold

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By Tim Huffman

February 5, 2014

Has your fishing been put on hold due to frigid weather? The following are a few things to do while waiting for spring.

First, travel to a warm state down south. A vacation during this Polar Vortex situation sounds good.

Second, go up north and ice fish. Bundling up properly or doing the ‘Grumpy Old Men’ movie shack option for fun fishing trip on the ice.

Third, find other ‘fishy’ things to do. Going through your tackle and doing an organizational cleanup is great therapy and fun. With bad weather during the Christmas and New Years weeks here in southeast Missouri, I spent hours in front of my television watching bowl games and sorting tackle on a card table in my front by the fireplace.

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Hawk Talk - The Importance of Eating Real Food and Training in Competitive Angling

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January 24, 2014

I’m not sure if it’s my western pedigree or personal trainer experience back in college, but I've always been interested in nutrition, training, and living a healthy lifestyle.  There are many factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, but I feel eating real food and being active are two of the most important.  My views on certain foods and different forms of exercise leading to a healthy lifestyle have changed over the years.  With so much conflicting information out there on how to eat and exercise I've learned to rely on scientific data and experimentation to determine what types of food and exercise I benefit the most from.

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Winter Fishing - A Follow Up

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By Scott Hammer

January 20, 2014

Previously, I wrote a "Fishing In Cold Weather" article where we examined what changes a body of water goes through in the winter (thermocline, turnover, etc.).  This winter, let’s take a look at what the forage does and how to catch Mr. Bucketmouth.

In summer, with the largemouth being an apex predator in most bodies of water, they feed on a lot of different forage.  Here is a quick summary:

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Fishing the Shad Shape Worm for Cold Water Bass

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By Mark Fong

January 22, 2014

From the fabled smallmouth lakes of Tennessee to the spotted bass reservoirs of California, savvy anglers know the virtues of employing diminutive baits to catch winter time bass.   As water temperatures reach seasonal lows, bass metabolism slows down. With diminished activity levels bass  become less aggressive in their pursuit of prey.  When this happens, one of the most effective ways to target cold water fish is to utilize a small jig head adorned with a finesse plastic bait fish imitator, gossamer weight line and a light action spinning rod.

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Jay's Trip to the Top - pt 2

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By Stan Fagerstrom

January 7, 2014

*click here for part one

I’d been caught with my pants down!

Fishing had been slow for awhile.  I had laid my rod aside for a moment right after I made a cast.  WHAM! I dove halfway across the boat and just barely managed to grab my reel as the tip of my rod went clear over and under the side.  By the time I’d got things halfway under control the water 20-behind me was boiling as whatever I had on came slashing to the surface 30-feet in back of the boat.

I was bass fishing that morning on Siltcoos Lake.  This lake is located on the Oregon Coast just south of the city of Florence.  A tributary of this lake dumps into the Pacific Ocean.  It wasn’t one of the lake’s largemouth that had grabbed my lure that November morning.  It was a salmon fresh in from the sea.

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