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A Cup Full of Knowledge - My Top 3 Hooks

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March 2, 2015

You know, it doesn’t matter what kind of bait you use if you don’t have a hook in it. That sounds simple, but when it comes to choosing the right hook, I consider that decision very carefully.

Hooks are obviously extremely important because that’s how you’re able to land a fish. However, you have to use the right style of hook for the right application. Otherwise, you decrease your chance of catching fish.

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Your Kids Will Love You For It, pt.2

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By Stan Fagerstrom
Product Review Editor 

February 23, 2015

*Click here for part one

There’s no better method of getting a youngster into fishing than teaching them how to use a closed face spinning reel.

If you read my previous column you’re aware I recommended getting the kids you’re planning to teach a small size closed face.  Some of them are just too darn big.  Let’s assume you’ve found a small one like I’ve recommended and a 5 to 6-foot lightweight casting rod to go with it.

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Mike Tyson, On Fishing?

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By Ken Smith

February 10, 2015

Granted maybe he wasn’t talking about fishing, but Mike Tyson once famously responded to a series of questions from reporters prior to a fight. They were discussing his opponent’s style and how his opponent had a game plan to defeat him. Tyson famously responded, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth, then like a rat they stop in fear and freeze.”

I think this quote goes way beyond the boxing ring into most aspects of life, but for us hardcore tournament fisherman it seems particularly appropriate. A football field is always 100 yards long. A basketball goal is 10 feet off the ground. It’s said the hardest thing to do in professional sports is to hit a major league baseball, but at least you can see the baseball, or at least glimpse it if it’s going 90+. A tournament fisherman’s playing field is acres and acres, miles and miles. Usually we can’t see what we are trying to catch, and sometimes, actually more often than not, our “opponents” simply do not have an interest in playing the game with us. How hard would it be to hit a baseball if the pitcher refused to throw the pitch?

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Hawk Talk - Toho Southern Open

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February 11, 2015

After an enjoyable "off-season" guiding and spending time with family and friends over the holidays, I was anxiously anticipating the first event of the 2015 season. I’d never fished Lake Toho before, so after digging through prior tournament results I felt either fishing off-shore on Toho or flipping and pitching vegetation on Kissimmee (which would require locking and less fishing time) offered the best opportunity to win.  I’ve built a lot of confidence pitching a heavy weight into vegetation over the past few years, so I decided to dedicate most of my practice fishing Kissimmee’s vegetation.

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Tom Monsoor: Football Jigs for Cold River Bass

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By TJ Maglio

February 9, 2015

Bass are what we of the biological persuasion call poikilotherms, which is really just a fancy way of saying that they’re cold blooded. Because of that, their body temperature is always going to be within a degree or two of the latent water temperature.

If the water’s cold, the fish are cold.

In all fish, metabolism (how much energy an organism needs to function) is directly related to their body temperature, and by the transitive property, the water temperature.

If it’s cold, they don’t eat much.

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