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The Midasu Lipless Crank - Prepare Yourself for Disruption

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By Blake Russell

March 26, 2015

The newest addition to Yamamoto’s hard bait lineup is the new Midasu lipless crankbait. Midasu means “to disturb or disrupt” in Japanese. The goal of lipless crankbaits has always been to wake up lethargic bass.  Tie one on and you’ll see that the Midasu does just that.

A few characteristics that set the Midasu apart from the fleet of lipless baits on the market today is the sound the bait makes in the water and the vibration it produces. The Midasu has a more subtle rattle to it than many of the other lipless baits on the market today. In my opinion, the sound the Midasu makes mimics baitfish more closely than its louder counterparts. Next time you see baitfish activity, try to get close and pay attention to the sounds they’re making. You’ll likely notice faint flickers and pops that are reminiscent of someone snapping their fingers. The noise the Midasu emits in the water is similar to this.

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Before There Was A Senko ...

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By Heidi Roth

March 18, 2015

Lou Feranti didn’t even want to be fishing Bullard’s Bar the day he caught the current world-record 11.20-pound spotted bass. “I’d had bad experiences on that lake in the past and I honestly didn’t want to go back,” he admitted. Luckily, his fishing partner, Joe Inama, talked him into fishing the Great Basin Bassers event last February 21st, as he actually caught the record-breaker during the tournament.

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FINESSE TO IMPRESS - Subtle Jig Presentations Tempt Picky Bass

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By David A. Brown

March 12, 2015

Big and bold – sometimes that strategy works well for bass jigs. Other times, like the late winter to early spring period, less is more.

Bassmaster Elite Series pro Kevin Hawk knows this and he’s keen on showing the fish smaller packages when conditions and seasonal patterns warrant.

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Hite's Bites - Strategies for Finicky Bedfish

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March 17, 2014

Spring can be an exciting time for bass fishermen because this is the season when we have our best access to the biggest fish of the year. With fish moving up, or getting ready to move up, throughout much of the southern states, anglers are getting ready to match wits with wily bass and that’s very often a pretty challenging deal.

It’s great when you spot a big bass on the bed, make a couple of pitches and catch her. But a lot of times, we find these fish extremely spooky. They’re easily disturbed and they’ll run away from the bed when they feel uncomfortable.

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Beatin' the Bank with Bernie Schultz - 2015 BASS Elite Series Preview

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March 6, 2015

Soon, the 2015 Bassmaster Elite Series season will be underway, and with it will come a considerable amount of roadwork.

The tour kicks off in March on the Sabine River, a natural border flowing south between the states of Texas and Louisiana. Three weeks later, we’re on Lake Guntersville in northern Alabama. From there, the tour heads west to the Sacramento River in California, then to Lake Havasu in Arizona. After that it’s Kentucky Lake in Tennessee. From there we head to the St. Lawrence River on the Canadian border, then slightly south to the Chesapeake Bay. For the finale, we’re back at the Canadian border on the Detroit River.
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