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Tom Monsoor: Football Jigs for Cold River Bass

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By TJ Maglio

February 9, 2015

Bass are what we of the biological persuasion call poikilotherms, which is really just a fancy way of saying that they’re cold blooded. Because of that, their body temperature is always going to be within a degree or two of the latent water temperature.

If the water’s cold, the fish are cold.

In all fish, metabolism (how much energy an organism needs to function) is directly related to their body temperature, and by the transitive property, the water temperature.

If it’s cold, they don’t eat much.

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Rods n Rigs - Football Heads and Hula Grubs for Deep Bass

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February 3, 2015

It’s funny, before the Senko, Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits was actually well known for its grubs. Today, you’ll never find me without Senkos in my boat, but the Double Tail Hula Grub is also a bait that I absolutely cannot do without.

This strategic bait plays a big role in my arsenal, especially during winter. One of my favorite techniques for fishing the Hula Grub is on a football head jig. It’s a heavy presentation that I can use to reach the bottom quickly and fish efficiently.

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The Chicken Rig - Gary's Newest Creation

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By TJ Maglio

January 8, 2015

As the creator of one of the most successful and duplicated baits ever to hit the industry, Gary Yamamoto could have easily packed it in, collected his money, and retired to a life of leisure never to be heard from again.

Fortunately for us, it doesn’t look like anyone told that to Gary. At the age of 70, he’s still out there competing on the FLW Tour, making promotional appearances, and designing new products.

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Hite's Bites - Top 3 Winter Jig Scenarios

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January 26, 2015

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Chatterbaits with Yamamoto trailers; but in the winter months, it’s necessary to slow down and fish more methodically. This is the season when I turn to a jig for those chilly bites.

A jig is known as a big-fish bait and the winter to prespawn is one of the best times of the year to fish a jig. Especially in the winter and early spring, fish have a tendency to get around rocks because they hold heat. That clues me in to the fact that they’ll be feeding mostly on crawdads.

Also, you get into that time frame when the fish want to eat one big meal rather than chasing around a bunch of shad. I can use a variety of jig profiles, but they will all represent a significant meal for a winter bass.

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Beatin' the Bank with Bernie Schultz - Lessons Learned 2014

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December 30, 2014

When BASS announced the 2014 Elite Series schedule, I thought from the start that I would do well. Several of the tour stops were familiar to me, and those that weren’t would likely be new to the competition as well.

In preparation I planned to pre-fish as much as possible and research every body of water, at least digitally. Those that I pre-fished included Lake Seminole, St. Johns  River, Delaware River and Cayuga Lake in New York. As the year unfolded, much of that preparation paid off.

Here are some of the lessons I learned from each event. Hopefully they will help you in your pursuits as well.

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