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Home Feature - Tournament Fishing Pre-Classic Thoughts

Pre-Classic Thoughts

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February 21, 2013

Today we had the chance to catch up with five Yamamoto Pros fishing the Classic this year. It’s been two days since official practice ended and a major cold front with lots of rain and some snow has passed through the area. Conditions are set to clear up tomorrow and through the weekend, which means fishing is actually going to be tougher going into the event. Given the time of year and location, this weather doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Ask any touring pro and he’ll tell you he learned a long time ago that you have to be willing and ready to adapt. A few thoughts from the guys:

Randy Howell –

media-day-howell“I didn’t realize how much rain we really got yesterday until I went to take the cover off the boat this morning. It was a lot more than I expected. If the lake has come up significantly, or if the water has muddied, that could be a factor. That said, this is one of the best cold-water lakes I’ve seen.

“They probably aren’t going to feed as good starting tomorrow with the weather clearing up, so it will be tough. If I’m not using a reaction-type bait, I’ll be throwing a jig with a double-tail grub.”


Takahiro Omori –

media-day-omori“My practice was not especially great and this cold front coming through isn’t going to help any. Practice was tough for me and I’m basically fishing for five bites.”






Pete Gluszek –

media-day-gluszek“I want to say this past cold front coming through isn’t going to change much – but I’m always prepared to change things up and move on to plan B or C … or D – whatever it takes. We’re coming out of cold rainy weather into blue bird sky conditions tomorrow. Perfect for throwing a Yamamoto finesse bait! I do think the fish are really going to tighten up tomorrow, though. I’ll probably toss out a jig with a Yamamoto double tail trailer because they really seem to like that here.

“It’s going to be super cold in the mornings which mean the bite might not get going until the afternoon. That can mess with your head if you let it. I figure if I can put one or two in the boat before noon, that’s a bonus.”

Yusuke Miyazaki –

media-day-miyazaki“I’m mainly throwing reaction-type baits, but I’ll also have a jig with a Yamamoto double-tail trailer on the deck of the boat for sure. I’m not too worried about the weather here – I’m just going to get out there and fish.”





Jerry Gooste –

media-day-gooste“Back home in Zimbabwe we don’t normally use a lot of reaction baits, it’s mostly plastics like the Yamamoto Senko, so this tournament is completely out of the norm for me. I’m throwing a lot of lipless crankbaits and jerkbaits. I feel okay about my practice – I found something I think will work but I didn’t exploit it. Tomorrow will be more difficult with the clear, sunny weather following that cold front, but I’m looking forward to getting out there and giving it my best shot.”

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