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Home Feature - Tournament Fishing Team Yamamoto Pros Do Well at the Bassmaster Classic

Team Yamamoto Pros Do Well at the Bassmaster Classic

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Congratulations to Team Yamamoto pro-staffers, Todd Faircloth, Randy Howell, John Murray, Takahiro Omori and Steve Kennedy who competed in the "Super Bowl" of bass fishing, the 2010 Bassmaster Classic on Lay Lake in Alabama this past weekend.

Todd Faircloth and Takahiro Omori both made the cut after the second day when the field of 51 anglers was cut to the top 25 who would fish the third day of the Classic.

We are so proud that Todd Faircloth finished third and Takahiro Omori took tenth place in the final results of the 2010 Classic.

Congratulations to all our Team Yamamot Classic contenders!

Here are a few words from Todd Faircloth (3rd place) and Takahiro Omori (1oth place) on how they used Yamamoto baits to help them during the Classic and during the season leading up to the Classic.

faircloth01Todd Faircloth: "The second day of the 2010 Classic on Lay Lake in Alabama, I caught a couple of fish on a Yamamoto Senko, the 5-inch version. I was just casting it over some of the same areas I was fishing primarily with a lipless crankbait. Actually, I had missed a few fish on the lipless crank, that only nipped short at it or whatever, and threw the Senko in there and caught them all, so I kind of used it as a back-up or throw-back deal. So I did catch a few like that on the second Classic day and I was using the green pumpkin color on 16 lb Sugoi fluorocarbon. I was also using the same 16 lb Yamamoto Sugoi fluorocarbon with my lipless crankbaits during the Classic."

"You know I love to fish soft plastics, and Gary Yamamoto baits are, I would venture to say at least 50%, probably more like 65% of the fish I catch during the course of the year come off Gary Yamamoto's baits. I have the utmost confidence in them. They are soft, they are lifelike, fish grab them and hold onto them. They're a major player in my arsenal during the season," says Todd Faircloth.

omori01Takahiro Omori: "During the regular season, a lot of tournaments, it was getting to be tough fishing on the Bassmaster Elite tour, and so I stopped by Gary Yamamoto's motor home to get some advice, and Gary had a new Swimming Senko, 4-1/2 inches. He was working on that bait all year long, and he gave me some of those new baits that he was testing at the time.
The color was blueback herring, I don't know the color number code.
Whenever everybody else was throwing the standard Yamamoto Senko throughout the year, I would swim that one I got from Gary instead, and I got  a lot of keeper bass on it. That's one of the key things and the particular bait that got me through the year to make the 2010 Classic, that 4-1/2 inch Swimming Senko in blueback herring color. I use Texas-rig hooks with them, with different weight sizes, I can fish that bait shallow or all the way down to 7-8 foot deep, around the weeds, Texas-rigged to be weedless. That one bait really helped me all through the season."

"During the actual Bassmaster Classic on Lay Lake in Alabama, I had a home-made jig dressed with a 5-inch Yamamoto double tail grub in green pumpkin. I used that on exposed points where there wasn't any wood cover, and caught a few. Where I was fishing them was in a moving water, riverine situation so it was tough not to get hung up there in the current using a jig. I also flipped a jig in thick shoreline cover, and like many others, threw a lipless crankbait a lot during the Classic," says Takahiro.

"It's a good time for me here to say thanks for the support of Yamamoto as a sponsor and of Gary especially, as my friend. All year long, at any top tournament any where we go, I believe in the Yamamoto plastics as being the best plastics out there to get fish. Anytime I have trouble getting bites, I pick up Yamamoto baits, and I feel have a pretty good chance and end up having a pretty good day when I do. I'm looking forward to 2010, and for the upcoming bass season, I hope to have another good year, and hopefully I will catch a lot of bass on Yamamoto baits as always!"
exclaims Omori.
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