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Home Feature - Soft Plastics Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits Releases Exciting New Senko Colors for ICAST

Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits Releases Exciting New Senko Colors for ICAST

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Story by Russ Bassdozer

Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, a worldwide leader and innovator in sportfishing lures, has announced seven exciting new breakthrough colors of its legendary Senko soft bait. The new colors are on sale now.

Availability: On sale now.The seven new breakthrough Senko colors in the two most popular Senko sizes (5" 9-series and 4" 9S-series) are on sale, ready to ship starting July 1, 2010. MSRP: $6.99. QTY: 5/bag.

The new Senko colors will be on display and on sale at Yamamoto's booth #756 at the annual industry gathering at ICAST, the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, to be held this year in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 14-16, 2010.

Call 1-800-645-2248 or visit www.baits.com for more information. Media contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

To give a bit of background about other new products introduced by Gary Yamamoto in recent years, the Kreature (5-07 series) and 3.75" Flappin' Hog (FH-07) are both relatively new products that have gained widespread popularity and have achieved top sales status within just a short time on the market. If you aren't offering the Kreature and the 3.75" Flappin' Hog on your tackle store shelf or on the end of your line, you're probably missing out on two good things.

Another relatively recent skyrocketing favorite is the 5" Swim Senko (31-series). Since it's introduction in 2008, the 5" Swim Senko has shot past most all other GYCB baits (except Senkos and Double Tail Hula Grubs) in angler popularity, fish attraction and sales. The 5" Swim Senko is a fast-mover on store shelves and on the water.

Nevertheless, it is truly the world-famous, one and only Yamamoto Senko that is the product line leader for GYCB. The Senko is considered by many to be the most productive and easiest to use bass bait in history. The Senko's success has made it one of the most enviously copied baits in the fishing business. As many copies as there are, none have proven as effective as the original Yamamoto Senko.

No, the Yamamoto Senko cannot easily be improved in terms of its specific material, it's high quality and heavy, salt-laden wiggle that attracts fish after fish for expert or novice alike on any body of water worldwide.

What Yamamoto has done however, is their best to add new, realistic breakthrough colors. No less than a lucky seven natural and realistic colors are new, including some of the most exciting Senko colors ever made!

These new colors come in the two most popular Senko sizes:

5" 9-series Yamamoto Senko

4" 9S-series Yamamoto Senko

Exciting New Colors:

357 358 359

953 954 955 956-02

There's no wrong way to use a Senko except maybe to overwork it. Always remember, you don't work a Senko. It works for you. The easiest and most effective method is to rig one weightless with an offset shank hook, and use it in shallow water. That's the easiest and often best way to use a Yamamoto Senko.

To fish deeper or to penetrate thick cover, a bullet sinker and a Texas rig may be used as shown below. That's Gary Yamamoto's custom-made Gamakatsu Sugoi 4/0 hook shown below.


The Senko is also great when wacky rigged weightless, with a wacky jighead, nail weighted or with a Neko rig, on a dropshot rig or any way you wish to try one, you may find the Yamamoto Senko works wonders no matter how you use it!


During extensive testing, nice largemouth like the one shown above fell for the new Senko colors. The picture below shows how this particular Senko was rigged with a lightly weighted hook that has a corkscrew wire clipped in the hook eye to hold the Senko, used with 15 lb braided line.



Big or small, the exciting new Senko colors catch them all.

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