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Home Feature - Soft Plastics There’s More than One Way To Go Wacky, pt. 3

There’s More than One Way To Go Wacky, pt. 3

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By Stan Fagerstrom
Product Review Editor

March 4, 2013

*Click here for part two

In my previous column I promised to provide the details regarding a handy little device that makes rigging your Senkos for Wacky Style fishing as easy as blowing your nose.

The tool I’m talking about is called the O-Wacky Tool.  It is made by Case Plastics, a company headquartered in Prudenville, Michigan.  This handy little rig makes it simple to get a band on your Senkos so you can run your hook under it.  If you’re into Wacky Style presentations and haven’t seen it yet you’ll be wise to take a look.

The O-Wacky Tool is a 5-inch hollow aluminum tube that sort of looks like a fountain pen with no top.  The company that sells them also sells circular bands that are perfectly sized to fit your standard Senkos.  These tools were first introduced to the angling public in 2005.

The bands are slid onto the small end of the of pen-resembling tool.  Once there they are kept in place by a small bolt that goes into the tool behind the bands.  The next step is to insert the Senko of your choice into the opening at the big end of the tube.  Note the accompanying illustrations.

fagerstrom-wacky03bNow all you need do is slide one of the rings forward and push it off the metal tube onto the worm.  It’s a simple matter to put the band into exactly the position on the worm where you want it to be.

I interviewed one of the two men who own Fishing Complete, Inc.  One of these men, himself a bassin’ man of long experience, is named Jim Jackson.  I asked Jackson how the tool came to be marketed and how well it has been accepted.

“We got the idea,” Jackson said, “from a fellow who was making something similar out of brass.  We liked the idea but knew making it from brass was too expensive.  We’ve not really done much in the way of advertising but since we first brought the O-Wacky tool to market I’d estimate we’ve sold from 50,000 to 60,000.”

Today you can purchase the Wacky Tool from places like Bass Pro or Cabela’s.  If you choose you can also go to www.caseplastics.com and buy them that way.  The manufacturer is selling these useful little tools for $6.  You’ll get 10 rings along with the tool.

You’ll find you can also purchase bags of 25 of the #10 bands for standard size worms in both red and well as black shades.   If you’re very far into Wacky Style fishing you’re going to want a bag or two of those extra bands.  The company also sells a #9 band for use with smaller worms.  Jackson says the smaller bands can also be used on the O-Wacky Tool.

fagerstrom-wacky03c“We’re now working on bands,” Jackson says, “for use with larger worms.  We hope to have these new bands available sometimes early this year.”

Any opportunity to save time when you’re out there on the water is usually a move in the right direction.  The O-Wacky Tool lets you do that.  I use it to get a batch of my Senkos ready before I climb in the boat.  And as I’ve already mentioned, I’ll have one of those tools in my pocket or my tackle pack as well.

Any bassin’ man who wants to boat his share of fish has Senkos in a variety of colors.  If he’s like the majority of us he’s already rigged some Senkos Wacky Style or will do so once he’s on the water.

If he’s got a sufficient share of smarts that same bassin’ man is going to get himself one of these O-Wacky tools.  As far as I’m concerned this product gets a big thumb up.  Now if they’d just make some of those bands in a lightly larger width and in a shade of chartreuse!

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