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Home Feature - Soft Plastics There’s More than One Way To Go Wacky, pt. 2

There’s More than One Way To Go Wacky, pt. 2

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By Stan Fagerstrom
Product Review Editor

February 7, 2013

*Click here for pt. 1

The guy I had invited to share a day of bass fishing with me on Oregon’s Ten Mile Lake wasn’t happy.

“The hell with it!” I heard him snort.  “I can’t get this damn worm rigged right.  I don’t care if I don’t get fish.  At least I’ll be able to keep my line in the water instead of screwing around trying to get this worm rigged the way you have yours.”

fagerstrom-wacky02aWhat was bugging my companion that morning wasn’t that the bass fish weren’t cooperating.  We’d already caught a half dozen running up to 3-pounds.  The morning had started out slow but once we switched to 5-inch Senkos and started fishing them Wacky Style we were in business.

My friend hadn’t used the Wacky Style approach anywhere near as much as I had.  When he did use it he simply ran his hook point through the center of his worm’s body.  That wasn’t the approach I was using.  He was attempting to do the same thing I was but he wasn’t having much success.

When I first tried Wacky Style years ago it soon became obvious to me there was another way to go instead of just poking my hook through the middle of my worm.   Another approach was sliding a band of one kind or another onto the middle of my Senko.  Once I had the band positioned the next step was to simply slide the hook point under the band without actually penetrating the worm.

Today anglers use a variety of bands to do their Wacky Style fishing.  These approaches vary but they really aren’t all that much different.  They all simply involve sliding a band of one kind or another into the desired position on your worm.  Once the band is positioned, simply slide your hook under the band and you’re in business.

fagerstrom-wacky02b2This set up does a couple of good things.  One is that by not having to actually pierce the body of the worm with your hook it is a good bit more difficult for the fish to tear your worms up as they fight for their freedom.

Another advantage is that even more of the hook is exposed when it is slid under the band rather than pushed through the worm body itself.  Another feature a band provides is it can be slid into different positions on the worm body if you want to experiment with the different actions that may result.

When my partner and I took off that morning I had a supply of my favorite color Senkos all rigged and ready.  I’d been doing advance rigging with bands of one kind or another ever since I’d learned of that approach.

I’d experienced a few minor problems using some of the rings I’d tried.  Sometimes getting exactly the right size ring was a pain in the butt.  Now and then I’d torn up a worm or two attempting to get the rings in exactly the place I wanted them to be.

As soon as I’d started getting hits that morning I gave my companion  a half dozen Senkos and some of the bands that I already had in place on my own worms.  The trouble was I hadn’t brought along a relatively new little worm rigging tool that makes it easy to get the bands where you want them to be.

As I’ve indicated, I hadn’t brought the tool I’m talking about along because the worms I was using myself were already rigged and ready.  That won’t happen again.

I’m not leaving that device at home anymore.  Now this dandy little tool is in my pocket or in my tackle bag every time out.  When I have it I can hand it to someone who’s never used one before and he’ll have his Senkos rigged for Wacky Style fishing in less time that it takes to tell about it.  If I’d of had it along that morning my friend wouldn’t have had the problems he experienced.

As I’ve mentioned, these helpful little worm rigging tools aren’t brand new.  It’s my understanding some 50,000 or so have already been sold.  So what’s the name of this dandy little tool and where can you get it?  Keep an eye on my next column.  I’ll provide all the details.

If you’ve not already used them and you’re into Wacky Style fishing you won’t want to miss it.


-To Be Continued-

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