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Yamamoto Releases New Bass, Crappie Baits and Exciting Senko Colors for ICAST 2010

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fhl-fhGary Yamamoto's ongoing commitment to quality and to maintaining a market leadership role is why GYCB's products have continued to satisfy bass anglers so superbly for the past twenty-five years.

GYCB's newest offering - the 4-1/2" Large Flappin' Hog - is also destined to meet the approval of bass buffs everywhere.

As the name implies, it is a larger version of Yamamoto's Flappin' Hog. A few of the surefire ways to fish the new Large Flappin' Hog are on a traditional 3/16 to 1/2 oz Texas rig, or with a heavy weight grass "punching" Texas rig, on a Carolina rig, or as a flipping or football jig trailer. It is effective for flipping shallow cover or for fishing deep structure.

Product colorsfhl-newcolors02

FHL-05-021 Black w/Blue Flake

FHL-05-051 Black w/Red Flake

FHL-05-208 Watermelon w/Black & Red Flake

FHI-05-297 Green Pumpkin w/Black Flake

FHL-05-301 Green Pumpkin w/Green & Purple Flake

FHL-05-318 Green Pumpkin w/Red Flakeflappin01

FHL-05-330 Green Pumpkin w/Purple & Copper Flake

FHL-05-*952 Green Pumpkin w/Black flake
June Bug w/Emerald Flake

FHL-05-*953 Smoke w/purple & blue flake
Watermelon w/Blue flake

FHL-05-*954 Purple w/Emerald Flake
Cinnamon brown w/Purple, Blue & Emerald Flake

FHL-05-*955 Watermelon w/Black & Red Flake
Light Watermelon w/Black & Red Flake

FHL-05-*956 Watermelon w/Copper Flake
Orange w/Red Flake

senko-newcolor03 senko-newcolor04

GYCB Releases New 4" and 5" Senko Colors at ICAST

Within recent years, new product introductions such as Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits Kreature (series 5-07) and 3-3/4" Flappin' Hog (series FH-07) have achieved top sales status for GYCB within just a short time on the market.

One of Gary Yamamoto's newest and best-selling creations in recent years, the 5" Swim Senko, has also skyrocketed in sales since it's introduction, eclipsing most all other GYCB baits (except Senkos and Double Tail Hula Grubs) in popularity.

However, it is truly the world-famous Yamamoto Senko tha tis the flagship roduct for GYCB, and the company has added no less than a lucky seven new breakthrough colors to the two most popular Senko sizes - the 5" 9-series and 4" 9S-series. These are destined to be some of the best and most exciting Senko colors wever, and they are all new for release at ICAST in Vegas on July 14-16, 2010.

357 358 359 953
954 955 956-02

senko-newcolor01-a senko-newcolor02

GYCB Releases New Crappie Size of 3" Swim Senko at ICAST

A couple of years ago when Gary Yamamoto Custom baits first forayed into the crappie, perch and panfish market, thec31 company was not 100% sure whether there was a place there for a premium quality soft plastic series of lures. In just a short time however, GYCB's crappie and panfish line has become very popular among anglers, and sales have exceeded the company's expectations.

Our new customer base has been clamoring for additional new models, and the new 3" Swim Senko is sure to be a winner. It imitates a small minnow with its tiny swimbait style tail attached to a svelte Senko style body.

3-inch Swim Senko ~ Available Colors  

C31-10-038 Luminous White
Chartreuse w/Green & Chartreuse Flake
Clear w/Red, Blue, Silver Flake
Smoke w/Black,Blue & Gold Flake
Blue Pearl w/Black & Hologram Flake
Orange w/Small Red Flake
Chartreuse/White Shad Laminate
Black / Red w/Silver Laminate
Black / Clear w/Hologram Laminate
Electric Chicken
Smoke w/Red / White Pearl Laminate
Black / Chartreuse w/Silver Laminate
Purple w/Silver / Chartresue w/Silver
Smoke w/Silver, Red / Lemon Laminate
Blue / White Pearl Laminate
Blue /Chartreuse w/Silver Laminate

Note that color #360 Orange w/Small Red Flake is a new color for 2010. It will be available in the new 3" Swim Senko as well as:360

  1. C92T-15-360  3" Tiny Ika ~ Orange w/small red flake
  2. C2J-20-360    2" Grub ~ Orange w/small red flake
  3. C105-15-360  2" YamaMinnow ~ Orange w/ red flake
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