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  • The Art of Dragging, pt. 2

    By Scott Hammer December 30, 2011 In my first installment, I explained the mechanics of drag fishing which included drift socks and boat positioning.  Let’s utilize those mechanics and drag up some fish!  After all, what is the advantage of ...
  • Alternatives For Early Winter Fishing

    Story and photos by Steve Price December 23, 2011 *originally published on the Inside Line Dec of 2008 If you’re like many bass anglers today, late fall/early winter bass fishing normally means you’re going to spend your time in the backs of tribut...
  • Curiosity Caught the Cat

    By TJ Maglio December 21, 2011 Reading the back page notes in fishing magazine and seeing pictures of men and women straining to hold up slimy, gray beasts got me curious. This curiosity grew as I started to see more and more boats decked out with rails...
  • 12 Recommendations from the Doc For More Enjoyment On the Water

    December 14, 2011 By JJ Patton M.D. Anybody who has spent significant time fishing can tell you that aches and pains are a part of the game.  Pain can lead to increased stress on your mind and body, which may lead to poor concentration, missed ...
  • The Alabama Rig - Just a Fad or Here to Stay?

    By Gary DobynsGYCB National Pro Staff December 6, 2011 There are lots of ways to catch fish. Occasionally, something new like the “Alabama Rig” comes along to peak our interest.  Is it a fad or a new technique that is here to stay? Will the fis...