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  • The Personality of Grass

    By Steve Price October 20, 2011 On Sam Rayburn Reservoir where Todd Faircloth lives, they call the vegetation grass.  On Rayburn, it’s primarily hydrilla, but when pros like Faircloth talk fishing, virtually everything that’s green and grows in...
  • Legends of the Sport - Harold Allen

    By Bernie Schultz October 11, 2011 *Originally published in the Jul/Aug 2007 issue of the Inside Line, this blast from the past interview with veteran angler Harold Allen takes a look back at where our sport was just four short years ago. Sixty-two yea...
  • Spinnerbaits Made Simpler

    October 5, 2011 By Dean Sault *Previously published in the May/June '2006 Inside Line Magazine   No one knows why bass eat spinnerbaits; they certainly don’t resemble any food in their neighborhood. Then one day I watched a bass eat a beer ...
  • Taking the BIG Senko to Depths Unknown

    By Kyle Schauf October 4, 2011 Take a good hard look at a 7” Senko and the part of the water column that comes to my mind is deep.   I’m talking bringing up clams, old fishing rods, wallets - straight up dredging the bottom.   Te...