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  • Lock it Up!

    By Scott Hammer   August 31, 2011 I am not a paranoid person by nature.  I am the trusting type, but after reading or hearing about fishermen getting equipment stolen at tournaments, hotels, boat ramps and even out of their own garages, driveways...
  • Gary Dobyns - Making the Perfect Rod (part 2)

    By Terri Battisti August 25, 2011 In part one of this piece, Gary talked about what made him go from full-time tournament pro to full-time rod manufacturer. He also talked about what goes into making a Dobyns rod and how he uses only the best materials ...
  • If You Can Spell Finesse, It Better Be Spelled “Shad Shape” Worm

    By Barry Stanley August 22, 2011 Until recently, I couldn’t even spell “finesse” much less fish that way.  I consider myself, quite proudly, as a power fisherman who thinks 12lb test line is best used to sew up special girlie garments.  ...
  • Mining for Bronze in Coal Country

    By TJ Maglio August 10, 2011 Ask anyone from West Virginia what’s its most favorable contributions might be and you may hear some good ones: the Mothman legend, sales tax (yep, didn’t know that one, began in 1921), Mary Lou Retton for all you gymnas...
  • Dobyns Backs Into Success With the Fat Ika

    By Pete Robbins August 5, 2011 The fat boy rules the Cal Delta. And Clear Lake. And a lot of other western waters. Just to be clear, I’m not talking about Gary Dobyns himself when I use the F-word. The guy has never disappointed anyone ...