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Home Blog - Pete Weighs In Thank you Montgomery Burns

Thank you Montgomery Burns

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April 30, 2012


It's not quite Blinky the Three-Eyed Fish (prized piscatorial mascot of Springfield, USA), but this finned beast is pretty damn freakish in its own right. I guess outcomes like this are to be expected when you get in a few hours of fishing with a nuke-yoo-lar scientist.

We couldn't decide if it was a mutated bass, a Sharpie experiment gone wrong, or if largemouths and Dalmatians had somehow figured out a way to cross-breed.

The primary color rainsuit ensemble is a nice addition. That's what happens when a 5'10" boat owner has to cobble together protection from the elements for a 6’3” Sasquatch. There was about a 5” section of ankle that went uncovered, giving him the coveted Urkel-on-the-water look.

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