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The Elite Truth

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March 6, 2013


The following statements are taken directly from the 2013 Bassmaster Media Guide. Unlike some of my blog entries, none of the information herein was fabricated (at least not by me):

  • Brody Broderick’s hobbies include “playing medieval quest video games with my wife.”
  • Rick Clunn is “obsessed with finding a device that will jam everyone’s GPS.”
  • John Crews fancies himself a “meatatarian.”
  • Grant Goldbeck says “You’re more than welcome to have a banana in my boat.”
  • When Kenyon Hill was in high school he “used to do fashion for clothing stores.”
  • Randy Howell has had a flattop haircut since he was 14 years old.
  • Mike Iaconelli has webbed toes.
  • During high school, Alton Jones did missionary work in Peru, where he learned the world’s longest word: “Irapuisaatinkaatsembokitasanoigavetapaakeembarorokarityo.”
  • Jared Miller married his wife after 13 years of dating.
  • Takahiro Omori doesn’t really have any hobbies.
  • Pete Ponds has a “fishing cat” that sits on his shoulder while he fishes.
  • Jason Quinn had two of his earring rips out while he was driving his boat.
  • Zell Rowland’s nickname is “Master of Disaster.”
  • Morizo Shimizu’s favorite restaurant is Outback Steakhouse and he enjoys “fishing for a deep-bodied crucian carp.”
  • Gerald Swindle “believe(s) that mac-and-cheese should be a vegetable.”
  • Jason Williamson is “very superstitious about anyone eating boiled peanuts in or around my boat.”
  • Chris Zaldain’s middle name is Valentine.
  • Aaron Martens is scared of needles. So is Cliff Crochet, who also hates snakes. Pete Ponds hates snakes, but makes no mention of needles. Matt Reed is “(n)ot scared of snakes at all, but TERRIFIED of spiders!”


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#1 Jeff Walker 2013-03-06 16:19
"Medieval quest games" and "Wife". Aren't they mutually exclusive?

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