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Home Blog - Pete Weighs In Hanging Up the Jersey

Hanging Up the Jersey

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August 21, 2012


Last year, having lost the desire to fish tournaments almost completely, I tried to hang up the jersey. I left the organization I’d fished with for nearly two decades out of no ill will, but rather to have more time to fish for fun when and where I wanted to go.

As those of you who are married know, sometimes our wives’ plans differ from our own. In this case, rather than having a list of chores ready for me, the Redheaded vixen decided that SHE wanted to continue to fish small events, so I let her twist my arm and we re-upped for a six event series, of which we were only able to make three. In fact, she ended up only fishing two. We’ve averaged fewer than 20 anglers per event, so for various reasons it appears that the group is going to fold after this year. That’s a shame, because we’ve had fun with an easygoing group and the wife seems to thrive on the competition. If indeed it does go el-foldo, we probably won’t look for another circuit to fish – this just suited us perfectly and I doubt it can be replicated. Never say never, but I’m semi-certain.

Fortunately, in what may prove to be my swan song my draw partner and I had a great day, slinging frogs in a nearby grassbed. We hit our first spot and didn’t pick the trolling motor up until it was time to head in at 2:45. I thought that he had around 15 pounds and I had somewhere in the neighborhood of 12. My prognostication skills proved exceptionally faulty, and I ended up with 14.10 and he had 13.90. His bag included a 4.12 and a 4.34, so my best guesstimate (remember, my math skills are weak) is that we would’ve had 16-17 for a best five. It took 15.99 to win a larger tournament going out of the same ramp.

I finished 1st and he finished 2nd, which as far as I know is the first time a partner and I have done that in my “career” of over 200 events. Our field only had 14 competitors, so it wasn’t quite Rocky Marciano retiring undefeated or Jim Brown leaving football at the height of his powers, and it certainly wasn’t Hank Parker calling it quits after winning a second Bassmaster Classic, but if you’re gonna leave, it’s nice to do it on a high note.

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