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Home Column - Bass Talk Bass Talk - Lowrance's New HDS Units

Bass Talk - Lowrance's New HDS Units

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By Don Iovino

December 23, 2010

Hi, folks. Little old things like seminars, fishing local team tournaments and running the business have kept me quite busy since my last column. Sorry it’s been awhile since we shared information. A quick update on my wife, Darlene: her cancer is in remission!  Thanks for all your prayers.

I’d like to share some insights and tips on the new Lowrance HDS units.
•    Learning to turn your HDS units off properly is vital — I can’t stress this enough!  You could lose important functions and damage your unit by improperly turning off the unit, not to mention the loss of way points! To properly turn the unit off, press the power button. A blue box will appear on the bottom of the screen. Scroll down to power off the unit, then press “enter”. The screen will then show “power off”. On previous units, you could turn the unit off by simply holding down the power key, or by hitting the main power button on the boat. You can do that with this new unit as well but I do NOT recommend it.

•    The new HDS units have a built-in broadband sounder. Make sure your ping speed is set at 18 or it will not kick in. This is a great tip I discovered and it will give you a much better reading.

•    Make sure your HDS unit has the new updated 3.5 version software. This update MUST be installed on your HDS to activate the new Lowrance Sonic Hub feature. System improvements include system stability and increased speed when operating with multi-channel sonar configurations. Navionics Charting improvements enhances a user’s experience with Navionics Mapping products. This upgrade also corrects several issues associated with displaying older user-created LCM maps. This update can be downloaded for free from http://www.lowrance.com/Downloads/Product-Software-Updates/

•    “Reset Fishing Modes” with the HDS, Legacy LMS, LCX or Global Map unit networked via Ethernet. Important note: It is possible to delete all user data from the legacy units when performing the Reset Fishing Mode option on your HDS units. To prevent this from happening, I recommend disconnecting the legacy units from the Ethernet network before preforming Reset Fishing Modes on your HDS unit.

•    HDS Fishing Mode Settings: Transducers presets. If you are experiencing shallow water resist problems, meaning your unit has a hard time transitioning from deep water to shallow water settings, take your unit off the “general use” setting and set to the “shallow water setting”. This will eliminate your change in depth [with the 3.5 software] If you’re experiencing this problem with your LMS or LCX units, you need to update to the 2.5 software, then you will can change to the “shallow water setting”. The shallow water setting is from 0 to 100 feet.

As far as fishing this season is concerned, I have been doing well on my 3-inch and 4-inch Reapers using Gary Yamamoto’s Split Shot hook additionally with Top Brass Pro Jo cylindrical sinkers and rubber nails. This has proven much more effective than the lead mojo sinkers. The brass holes in the Pro Jos do not close and you do not need the threader and rubber. I use a three-foot leader. The December BASSMASTER magazine (page 60) features on article on my Reapers if you’d like to learn more about them.

As always, if you have questions about your electronics, feel free to call me at 818-848-6180 and we’ll discuss it!



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+1 #6 2011-01-11 10:14
I received a comment on the ping speed setting and here's my thoughts: It is true that the ping speed setting for broad band will work on all setting, but if you're a bass fisherman and you're using your front unit to drop shot or doodle or you're spooning, if you do not have the setting at 18 you are not going to see your baits or your drop shot in my opinion. As a bass fisherman that's what it is all about for me.

Also, if you set your front unit on 18 then set your console unit at 16 or lower, do not set at same ping speed. I hope this clarified this statement a bit. As you know, I deal with and am a bass fisherman. This is why I am always thinking in bass. I should have clarified it better but now you have the hole enchilada.

Tight line!

+1 #5 2011-01-08 08:58
The ping speed advice given in this article appears to be inaccurate. According to a local Lowrance rep. the built-in broadband sounder works at all ping speed settings.

C. Webb
-1 #4 2011-01-08 08:57
The ping speed advice given in this article appears to be inaccurate. According to a local Lowrance rep. the built-in broadband sounder works at all ping speed settings.

C. Webbp29ky
+1 #3 Administrator 2011-01-03 08:57
Dave - just to let you know, Don prefers people contact him via telephone as he doesn't make it to his computer as often as he'd like. You'll notice his number is included at the end of the article. Just fyi.
#2 2010-12-31 17:57
Don please email me. I am Reggie Chiera's EX pardner.
#1 2010-12-31 11:57

Glad to hear the wife is doing better. While I agree, side imaging is a BIG plus, the biggest thing I learned from having over 4 HDS units fail on me in a year and a half - (HDS7 and HDS8s) is don't let them ever get wet!! Kind of hard to do when they are on a bass boat. I took immaculate care of turning off/on, keeping clean and storing. I went with another brand that does side imaging last year, and have not had a single issue in 8 months.

Just some food for thought,