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Are You "Reely" Ready for the Spring Sales?

By Connie Kilpatrick
South Central Staff Writer


February 5, 2010

Cabin fever is close to breaking, thank heavens. If you’re like me you probably have callused fingers from banging the keyboard surfing the fishing forums, online magazines, local ads and tackle show schedules for the spring specials.

About a year ago, fellow Yamamoto Pro Ron Colby did an article (with my expertise and guidance I might add) about re-furbishing old reels to save a few bucks. It was a good article and something we should all take to heart, but there are some anglers out there who prefer not to go the fix-up route. The few coins they have are burning holes in their pockets. Kinda like us gals who simply must go shopping. I’m just saying . . .

Do you really need a new reel? Hey, maybe you do, but let’s do a little inventory management first to see what you’ve got in stock:

Inventory your reels and record the model, gear ratio and line. Tag the reels with string tag so you don’t lose any information. Place the fixer-uppers in one stack and the good ones in another stack. The fixer-upper stack will be the reels you send to me (just kidding!).

Now give some thought to where and how you will be fishing this year. With that in mind, fire up the internet and look for all available data about the particular reels to fit your needs. Does it’s application match your fishing goal?

I encourage all fishermen I meet to think outside of the box. We’re all creatures of habit and we may think that one reel fits all. We might think a baitcaster will work on crappie, and it does, doesn’t it? Study up on the applications of the various reels and understand the gear ratios. Fellow Inside Line writer, Michael Whitten, wrote a great article about gear ratios and why they’re important.

When you do step out of that box and try a different brand of reel be sure to inquire about warranty work and repairs. Heaven forbid, but that good bargain could be blown sky high if the reel fails and there is no local repair facility available.

I think you’ll agree most manufacturers truly believe they have the “it” reel and provide claims that it can do everything and anything. Maybe so. But there’s no harm in clarifying what you need, want and can afford. The more informed you are before the sale the better the negotiations.

You may have heard it’s unwise to go grocery shopping on a hungry stomach. The same rule applies here. Know your limits and do not over spend. The glitz and glamour of the specials being offered may turn out to be very “un-special” in the long run if you haven’t done your homework.
We receive inquiries almost daily here at the shop about purchasing off the Swap boards on fishing forums. We say go for it, but be prepared and never hesitate to ask the seller a question if you have one. Research will result in great satisfaction and few regrets. Good bargains are out there for the taking.

Plan now for a great year of fishing - the big one of your dreams is out there waiting for you!