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By Don Iovino

June 9, 2009

It’s been awhile since my last column but I’ve been quite active these days taking care of my wife, Darlene, and dealing with the Medicare system with all it’s checks and balances. But we received good news; her lung cancer is in remission! God is good! Thanks for all your prayers.

Spring is prime Senko time, and I’m talking about the original here, not the knock-offs! I’ve experienced knock-offs it first-hand with my own products and I guess it’s to be expected, but make sure you’re using the real thing. I’ve had much success in local tournaments this year using real Senkos. In fact, I have a special way I rig the Senko. You’ll need: a 1/0 Owner, model 5172-116 wacky hook; River to Sea’s 3/32 oz. nail sinker (SD 18); a 5-inch Senko in colors 925 and 301.

  1. Cut off a small piece of the tapered end of the Senko so it is flat, then insert the 3/32-oz nail and push it all the way.

  2. I use a wormizer and melt the plastic so the nail won’t fall out.

  3. I then take the Owner 1/0 wacky hook and insert it about 1-inch down from the top of the Senko.

I do not fish it wacky style. This rigging method lets the Senko fall like a live night crawler. I cast it out, let it fall to the bottom and lift the bait a couple times. If I don’t get bit, I reel the bait in and do it again. This system has been extremely effective. I can cover a lot of water with it, which is beneficial when fishing tournaments.

As I write this story, Lowrance has just come out with their latest update chip for the HDS-8 and HDS-10 which when updated will allow you to use Navionics new mapping programs. To get this chip call Lowrance – or if you have a computer you can download it. If you live in L.A. County you can bring it by my house and I’ll even update it for you!

If you have HDS units here are two settings that really help get more out of them:

On to the subject of reels, those of you who have not used the new Ardent XS1000, well, you’re missing out on a great way to support American-made products like Ardent Reels. This is truly one of the best bait cast reels on the market. You have to give this company a lot of credit, taking a chance building reels in the U.S. and having to compete with reels made overseas. Mike Brooks and his great group all should get a big high five from us for undertaking this reel project against all odds and then making it happen. You really gotta try one of these reels. You’ll feel good knowing the products you’re buying are American-made and a better product than most overseas reels.

If you have any questions you can give me a call at 818-848-6180 or email me at Don@Iovino.com. So long for now, this old soldier ain’t dead yet and I got to get back on the water. To all of you who are praying for Darlene, many thanks – it helps!