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Editor's Log


April 14, 2009

Greetings from Yamamoto Central!

Last night the wind blew my front door open. This is what happens when you go to bed and forget to lock the deadbolt (and your door doesn’t latch due to your poor fix-it skills). My dog, Dakota, never batted an eye. I don’t even think she actually woke up. The massive racket the wind was causing didn’t seem to bother her but I can tell you, neighbors, those of us in northern Arizona are getting pretty sick of it.

We wait with baited breath for the fish to start moving up. The temps go up just enough to give us hope, then a spring storm will blow through (thanks, California) and knock another few degrees off the water. I know, here I am whining about the spawn when a lot of you are still dealing with snow, so I’ll get over myself and let you know that we’ve still got a couple pre-, spawn- and post-spawn articles up our sleeves to keep you motivated.

I believe I may have mentioned in my first editor’s log that I’m basically what you’d call a “textbook scenario”. I don’t get much actual time on the water, but I read a lot about it which means I know enough to know I always want to know more. Know what I mean? Tom Mann, Jr. (who coincidentally is on FIRE lately) said it pretty well in this month’s Yamamoto Pros on the National Scene column where he admits new up-and-coming anglers have an advantage he didn’t have when he was starting out: access to written material (online and in print) which puts them one step ahead of the game before they ever wet a line on a new body of water.

You, our loyal readers, seem to feel the same way. I’ve received many requests to provide more information on how to rig and use our products. I’m happy to report that we’ll be providing you with just such detailed information over the next few months. We plan to provide a wide-range of information to help out the novice as well as the experienced angler. Raise your hand if you think you could use some improvement on the basics. (My hand’s in the air.)

Speaking of Tom’s recent success, we’re about midway through the tournament season and our Yamamoto pros are definitely making their mark. We’re through three Elite events and we’ve watched Todd Faircloth, John Murray, Davy Hite, Takahiro Omori, Bernie Schultz and Randy Howell all make top 20 finishes. Two FLW Tour events and several Series events have shown Tom Mann, Jr., Brent Erhler, Shinichi Fukae, Dave Lefebre, Takahiro Omori and our own Gary Yamamoto in top-20 finishes.

Things here at Yamamoto Central are starting to heat up – we just introduced Gary’s Family, a new member’s only section on the bait website that will showcase Gary’s innovative bait concepts and techniques. Be sure to give it a look-see. In that section, Gary describes how he used his new 10-inch Kut-Tail worm to secure a 12th place finish at the FLW Eastern Series event at Lake Eufala.

As always, we enjoy hearing from you. Let us know how it’s going for you out there on the water.