8th Annual Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge Returns to the CA Delta

photo courtesy of anglerspress.com

photo courtesy of anglerspress.com

For some, the weekend of April 14th and 15th will be preoccupied with thoughts of taxes, but for others their preoccupation will be on dreams of big bass and big prizes. The 8th Annual Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge returns to Russo's Marina on the California Delta for two exciting days of competition.

Unlike other tournaments, the Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge is bass fishing's version of “Texas Hold ‘Em” Poker. Anglers must balance their fish catching skills with a carefully planned weigh in strategy. Each competition day is comprised of six official one hour periods during which anglers can weigh in their single largest bass. Competitors with a big bass must decide when to bring their potential prize winner to the scales. Anglers can only weigh in one fish per official hour, however may continue to fish in their quest to win hourly awards. Only Yamamoto or Kinami baits may be used*.

Over the course of the six official one-hour daily weigh in periods, anglers will compete for five big fish prizes each hour and the honor of occupying one of five “money chairs”. The competitor with the largest bass weighed in during each of the hourly periods will win up to $500*.

The twelve lucky anglers weighing in the biggest bass during each period of the event will be eligible to participate in the “Super 12”grand prize drawing*. In addition, a prize will be awarded for the overall big fish of the event*.

Anglers have the option to fish both days or just one. The entry fee is $150 per angler for both days, or $100 for the single day option. No membership fee is required and anglers of all ages and skill levels are eligible to compete.

Since its inaugural year, the Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge has been dominated by one bait; the Senko. Year after year, anglers wielding the Senko have consistently placed at the top of the money list. With this year's event taking place early in the spring, it is a wise bet to assume that we will see some very large Delta bass and the Senko is sure to be a big player. 

In the past few seasons, the Flappin' Hog has joined the Senko atop the prize list. Two recent introductions, the Zako and the Sanshouo are sleeper baits that are primed to make a big splash.

Watch out for the brand new Yamamoto Cowboy. Expectations are sky high for Yamamoto's latest creature bait. At 4”, it's bulky double tail kicking legs, wide compact body, and action-packed appendages make it perfect for the flippin', pitchin', punchin' bite the California Delta is known for.


In honor and memory of legendary Delta Angler, Andy “Cooch” Cuccia the award for the tournament's Big Bass will be known as the “Andy Cuccia Yamamoto Big Bass Award”. Since the inception of the Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge, Cuccia was a fixture at the event. His dedication and support helped make the Big Bass Challenge one of the premier tournaments of the season. 

Angler's Press Outdoors will donate $5 dollars for each participant towards the 2018 C.O. Pro Teen Tournament in honor of “Cooch”.

If you need some last minute coaching with your game plan, the annual pre- tournament seminar will take place at Fisherman's Warehouse in Sacramento on April 12th starting promptly at 6pm.

For more information on the 8rh Annual Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge and complete contest rules please visit www.anglerspress.com 

* Please visit www.anglerspress.com website for full event rules and details regarding payout.