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New Color 913
Green Pumpkin w/ Chartreuse Tail Core Shot
By Russ Bassdozer

November 1, 2002

I am a big fan of tail dips on my Senkos. Most of the tail dips on the market are transparent dyes, and I use them to preserve transparency on colors like 042 or 196. However, on relatively solid colors, I often desire a tail dip that is not transparent. The one I use has a solid opaque pigment that coats the tail like paint, which achieves maximum tail color visibility. There may be other brands of solid-colored tail dips out there, but the one I am familiar with is by the Colorite Bait Company.

I use three basic color tail dips most: 1) chartreuse, 2) orange, and 3) black.

Most of the time, I limit the area I dip to 3/8 to 1/2-inch of the tail tip. Since dipping can get messy in a boat, I do my dipping at home. Since dipping can get worn off quickly, even in the bag, I don't dip up more than I can use in a few trips.

During the 2002 season, I had done best of all with two Senko colors, 221 and 301 with chartreuse tail dips. So I suggested GYCB make a new Core Shot color, 913, which is 301with a Luminous Chartreuse Tail.

When the first bunch of 913 Core Shots were delivered by the head of the research lab, it wasn't easy to sleep that evening. I prepared and stowed my gear onboard, rigging one weightless wacky rod and another dropshot wacky rod before going to bed. As soon as the alarm bell rang, I shot out of there at the crack of dawn. First cast with a wacky-rigged Senko, the fish's tap-tap Morse code telegraphed up the line, and a chunky smallmouth graced the boat. A few casts later, I got slugged hard. Thunk! Fishing solo, I exclaimed aloud to no one, "It's a good largemouth," as I watched my line peel off to deeper water. Soon, a sparkling green fish cartwheeled into the boat. I proceeded to use the initial bunch of core shot Senkos to catch-and-release 20 bass in the cool dawn of a great morn.

Back to the office by 9 o'clock, I emailed the head of the research lab right away. "We have a winner!" and you can too. It's the new 913 Core Shot.

Core Shot technology allows one soft plastic color to be shot straight through the core of a second color, creating a two-tone tail tip effect. The 913 features a slightly luminous chartreuse core in a 301 outer shell (dark green pumpkin w/green & purple). The faint luminosity doesn't kick in, except in deep or dark water where the tail lights the way to yet another banner Senko day!

Core Shots by Yamamoto. What an enlightening idea!

New Color 914
Watermelon Amber Pepper w/ Black Tail Core Shot
By Russ Bassdozer

September 5, 2002

Gary Yamamoto has released Core Shot Senko technology to the fishing public.

Core Shot technology allows one soft plastic color to be shot straight through the core of a second color, creating a two-tone tail tip effect.

At Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, innovation is constant...but that doesn't mean it is hurried! The new 914 Core Shot combines three things that took several years to come together.

First thing, the watermelon w/ blake flake (194) body has amber color added in it. This watermelon amber is a personal color pattern that Gary Yamamoto has used for a while now to his competitive advantage during top US and international tournaments. "Most things bass eat are not monotones but have complex colorations combining primary colors (for example, watermelon) within which, depending on light and angle, can be glimpsed sheens of secondary accent colors (for example, amber)," says Yamamoto. In the 914 Core Shot, the blush of amber can best be seen in the section near the tail, where it provides better definition and visual separation to the black tail. Never mind how any soft plastic looks in your hand or in the bag, which is dull relative to how the colors and flakes are vividly enhanced underwater. In the bag, the black tail may not appear so special, but underwater the 914 Core Shot has a distinguished black tail like a baby bass, and the added amber helps that happen.

Second thing, the black tail has been used for a while now by Western tournament angler Gary Dobyns, who has won 30 boats in his career. It's rumored that several of those boats may have been won using black-tailed watermelon Senkos. "I will neither confirm nor deny these rumors," says Dobyns who hand-dyed the black tails himself. "Most people won't take the trouble to dye every bait. I just hate to see one of my little tricks so readily available to everyone over the counter now," says Dobyns with a smile.

Third thing is the Core Shot technology process itself. "Gary Yamamoto has always wanted a robust Core Shot offering in his product line," says Internet bass fishing guru Russ Bassdozer, "and now it is possible for Senkos."  Some of the earlier core shot trials focused on translucent bodies and creating internal bloodlines within the baits. "Now we have simply reversed that concept, using darks and solids instead," says Bassdozer.

The Core Shot technology also creates a second swirl of tail color on the tip of the bait's head too. "These are the two parts of the Senko, the head and tail tips that vibrate most as the Senko sinks. Now both those vibrating tips have color contrast," says Bassdozer.

The 914 Watermelon Amber Pepper with Black Tail Core Shot is available today.

Related Story
The Twilight of Core Values
by Captain TJ Fagan, On Target Bassin' Guide Service

Here's another story of another great day on the water thanks to GYCB's.

The day started out as many have, guiding on the private lease reservoir with Derek Thompson, L.A Dodger on the 40 man roster. Derek is here at Dodgertown in Vero Beach, Florida undergoing rehab following Tommy John surgery. This type of procedure is used to fix damaged ligaments in the elbow or shoulder. Derek loves to bass fish. So we go often.

The bass were biting an assortment of Senko confidence colors for Florida - junebug 213, rainbow trout 908, and the new peanut butter and jelly 918. These three colors account for many high numbers days as well as big fish days. Derek was set on using PB&J, because in his words, "When I find something that works, I stick with it." We were catching good numbers of bass, but none over the five pound range. It sure was fun, but you can't blame us for wanting the missing matriarch to top off our day's catch.

As a guide, I feel obligated to put my clients and friends in the best possible position to catch more and bigger bass. It's kind of a core value I have. To achieve this I must experiment with various lures and techniques to help accomplish this.

By late afternoon, I began to notice that the water was getting more and more stained due to rising incoming water, and the bite was slowing down. It was cloudy and the daylight was fading out to twilight. I needed to find what would appeal better to the bass under the current conditions. I scanned through my various Shimano tackle trays. As I scanned, my eyes paused and locked on to a new Senko, the 913 Core Shot. 913 is green pumpkin w/green and purple fleck, AND a very BRIGHT chartreuse tail. While savvy sharpies may use a dipping dye to dye tail tips of baits, there's just no dye out there that would ever be as bright as the tail tip of 913. GYCB designed the 913 core shot so that a bright chartreuse tail is just that... a BRIGHT chartreuse tail. Heck, it glows in the dark.

Darkening water at dusk on an overcast day. It made my mind up to rig a weightless 913 core shot with that luminescent tail tip. It was like flipping a light switch on and here came the bass. More and bigger fish were pouncing the 913.

I made a cast to the edge of a line of hyacinth up against an island in the middle of the reservoir... and BANG! I could feel it was a bigger bass. Derek having seen the humongous swirl, also realized this was a bigger bass and raced for the net. We saw her break the surface. We grinned at each other. This was the matriarch we wanted. Derek got her into the net. I broke out my scale, which stopped at eight pounds, seven ounces!

The military, business companies, world leaders and CEOs are fond of regularly redefining their objectives, forming company goals, mission statements and setting core values. This is why I say that the 913 Core Shot is now a core value at On Target Bassin' Guide Service.

If you are looking for a bait for low visibility conditions? Try a 913 Core Shot with its luminescent chartreuse tail and soon you too will share the same core values that I do.

On Target Bassin'
with Captain TJ Fagan
Private Trophy Waters
Stick Marsh/Farm 13
Miami-Garcia Reservoir
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