ICAST from Afar – Linkedin

By Pete Robbins

In their push to gain market traction, the folks from Lunkerhunt are pushing the “Link,” a topwater lure that seems to be comprised of two traditional topwaters engaged in a well-played game of follow the leader or caught in flagrante delicto. In other words, they’re hinged so they travel together, but with some freedom of movement from one another. Continue reading ICAST from Afar – Linkedin

ICAST from Afar – Not Everyone Gets a Trophy

By Pete Robbins

A friend of mine who is a keen observer of the tackle industry has speculated that either the Savage Gear 3D Rat or the Savage Gear 3D Duck will win one of the annual ICAST awards. Fortunately the show is not in Vegas this year, because he’s so sure of his prediction that otherwise he’d be looking for a sports book in which to bet his house on this outcome. Continue reading ICAST from Afar – Not Everyone Gets a Trophy

Heavyweight Bait

By Pete Robbins

About 15 years ago I fished a tournament on the James River at a time when the fishery was quite poor. Despite the conditions, I’d found an area that produced fairly consistent bites and felt good about my chances when I settled in on tournament morning. My non-boater put the first bass in the boat that day, a solid 2-pounder, so when my first one measured 12 1/8 inches, I was sure that I would cull it later. Unfortunately, the next one was slightly smaller. So was the next one. They were both legal at 12 inches, but barely. Continue reading Heavyweight Bait

Beatin’ the Bank with Bernie Schultz – 2016 Toledo Bend B.A.S.S. Elite

By Bernie Schultz

Toledo Bend is one of the best lakes in the country, yet every time B.A.S.S. holds an event there I somehow miss out on the action.

Featuring more than 185,000 surface acres, the Texas-Louisiana border lake provides ideal habitat for growing big bass … and lots of them! Depending on the water level, the winning fish may be found deep or shallow — perhaps even both. Continue reading Beatin’ the Bank with Bernie Schultz – 2016 Toledo Bend B.A.S.S. Elite