Paint Crazy

By Pete Robbins

May 2, 2016

blog-headsI have no idea whether ultra-realistic jigheads make a difference in terms of the numbers of fish you’ll catch over a given time period. My favorite flipping jigs have solid-colored heads, my favorite swim jigs are similar, except with a big freaking eye on ‘em, and anyone who’s chased little green and brown finned creatures for a while has caught a ton on unpainted heads, too. If you’re the type who believes that more realistic is better, and that bass eat their young, then I highly suggest that you find a way to get these cool heads from Japan’s Dranckrazy. Swimbait artistry and custom painter ingenuity has clearly filtered on down.

The Yamamoto Cali Roll – A Versatile Finesse Bait



By Mark Fong

April 28, 2016

When I first saw the Yamamoto California Roll, it immediately brought to mind the hand poured spade tail worms that I had fished years ago. But this visual remembrance was where the similarities ended. To say that I was intrigued was an understatement. The California Roll measures 5” in length and features a cylindrical body reminiscent of a Senko that transitions into a thin, flat spade tail. The body is thinner in diameter than a 5” #9 Senko and is similar to that of the #9M Thin Senko. Configured as such, the California Roll is an extremely versatile and productive finesse offering. Continue reading The Yamamoto Cali Roll – A Versatile Finesse Bait

Snowballing Aggression on the Pro Hawging Scene

By Pete Robbins

April 28, 2016

The last two Elite Series events have produced highly-publicized and broadcast turf battles between competitors. I wasn’t on site for either one, so I really have no clue who was in the right and who was in the wrong. I might not even have a valid opinion if I’d been there. Continue reading Snowballing Aggression on the Pro Hawging Scene

Carpet Burns

By Pete Robbins

April 25, 2016

One of the most controversial aspects of Major League Fishing is the rule assessing a penalty each time a landed fish touches the floor of the boat. If your fish even brushes the carpet, you’re forced to sit there and do nothing – can’t cast, can’t work on tackle, can’t even drink a Sqwinchers. Some people love it, thinking it promotes conservation. Others hate it, believing that it doesn’t serve any purpose. Continue reading Carpet Burns

Houston, We Have a Classic

By Pete Robbins

April 19, 2016

Since taking ownership of B.A.S.S. half a decade ago, the current owners have made bank by holding the Classic in a handful of mid-sized cities – Tulsa, Greenville, Birmingham and Shreveport. You may quibble with my definition of those four as “mid-sized,” but the bottom line is that none of them has big time sporting competition in the form of an NBA, NHL, NFL or MLB team. All of these cities are in the heart of bass country, and their regions showed the wisdom of those site selections by showing up in droves. Continue reading Houston, We Have a Classic

Gamakatsu – They’ve Done It Again, pt. 2

By Stan Fagerstrom
Product Review Editor

April 13, 2016

*Click here for pt. 1

Sometimes, as I’ve said a time or two before, the answers in this business of bass fishing are just plain awful darn hard to come by.

If you’ve done much of it yourself, I’d be willing to bet you’ve already arrived at that conclusion. Just when you think you’ve got ‘em pinned down to this or that those scaly boogers will turn right around and knock all your hard earned practices clear out of the piscatorial ballpark. Continue reading Gamakatsu – They’ve Done It Again, pt. 2

Two for Two

By Pete Robbins

April 11, 2016

Displaying Two for Two pic from bassmasterdotcom.jpgDisplaying Two for Two pic from bassmasterdotcom.jpgIn 2016, sports is often less about cheering for a team, and more about hoping against some that some other team won’t win. As in: “I’m cheering for [X] and whoever is playing against [Y].”

The rivalries aren’t quite so intense in the world of bass fishing as they are in football or pro wrestling, but there are still favorites and heels, nice guys and ne’er do wells. So far, through two Elite Series events, Leo Durocher has been proven wrong, as the nice guys have finished first. Continue reading Two for Two