Team Tales from the Trail – FLW Tour Pickwick Lake

By Gary Haraguchi

At the end of April (seems like forever ago) we headed out for tournament stop number four of the FLW Tour; Pickwick Lake. As Jimmy and I reside on the west coast, the first leg of our journey began at the airport in Sacramento. On the plane to Tulsa, a gentleman asked if I was Ricky Dragon, a professional wrestler. Now I’ve been asked many times if I was Gary Yamamoto but Ricky Dragon? Continue reading Team Tales from the Trail – FLW Tour Pickwick Lake

Addition by Subtraction

By Pete Robbins

When I first joined a bass club in September of 1995, it seemed that every time I got into a boat for a Potomac River tournament my partner would have five lures on the deck:

• 7-inch red shad Power Worm
• ½ ounce chrome/blue Rat-L-Trap
• Chartreuse/white tandem willow spinnerbait, often a local model called a “Golden Eagle
• Chrome/black Pop-R
• Firetiger Bomber Model 7A Continue reading Addition by Subtraction

Beatin’ the Bank with Bernie Schultz – 2016 Bull Shoals/Norfork Elite

By Bernie Schultz

When B.A.S.S. announced a dual-lake competition on reservoirs Norfork and Bull Shoals, reactions were mixed. Some of the Elite Series pros liked the idea, others did not. I wasn’t sure.

B.A.S.S. decided the competition days should be divided equally between the two bodies of water, but with a hitch: The entire field would start on Norfork, then move to Bull Shoals for day two. After the top-50 competitors were determined, those anglers would fish Bull Shoals once more. The surviving twelve would then move back to Norfolk for the finale. Continue reading Beatin’ the Bank with Bernie Schultz – 2016 Bull Shoals/Norfork Elite

Things I Have and You Don’t – Show Me the Money

By Pete Robbins

blog-paaclipWhile cleaning out the house this weekend, the Redheaded Wife found a Toyota Texas Bass Classic money clip, one of the many gifts we received from the PAA for working the TTBC at Lake Fork in 2008. Unfortunately for me, it came loaded with about the same amount of money that is currently sitting in the PAA treasury. That’s a shame, because a lot of good people spent many hours trying to make the idea of an organization for anglers, by anglers, come to fruition. It may still do so, and right now it seems that the vehicle by which it is most likely to occur is MLF. Still, while I know that the PAA had many faults, it seems like the pie-in-the-sky aspect of the organization (and I mean that non-ironically in the best possible way) is lost to history.

Bill Brown Rose Fast, Keeps Moving Forward

By Pete Robbins

Bill Brown is an unlikely bass angler, from a place – Grand Junction, Colorado – that’ll certainly never challenge Guntersville or Okeechobee or Clear Lake for a spot atop the list of best bass fishing spots in the country. Nevertheless, the comparatively recent convert from trout to bass recently won the B.A.S.S. Nation Western Regional on Lake Mead and now has just one tournament between him and a berth in the Bassmaster Classic. Continue reading Bill Brown Rose Fast, Keeps Moving Forward