2016 Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge – Results

By Mark Fong

For the nearly 300 competitors, the sixth annual Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge was an opportunity to put their angling skills to the test on the California Delta. Up for grabs were 60 big bass cash prizes, entrance into the Super 12 Grand Prize Drawing for biggest bass (weighed in during each official tournament weigh-in period) and a cash award for the biggest overall bass of the two day event. Continue reading 2016 Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge – Results

Card’s Catch – Senko Time at Cayuga Lake

By Brandon Card

The Bassmaster Elite Series tournament on Cayuga Lake, NY will be my third trip to this lake. Each of the two tournaments I fished here have been dominated by the Senko – this type of lake really sets up perfectly for it. There are several productive ways to fish the Senko here and all will play a big role in the event, I’m sure of it. Continue reading Card’s Catch – Senko Time at Cayuga Lake

Targeting Offshore Bass with Hula Jigs and Skirts

By Shane Beilue

I love catching bass in deep water – well, OK – really anywhere; however, there is something especially rewarding about finding bass on deep water structure.  I guess it’s the fact that these deep water techniques require a little extra map study and a willingness to spend a lot of time idling with the electronics pinging until you find that likely looking area. Continue reading Targeting Offshore Bass with Hula Jigs and Skirts

We Love to be Unhappy

By Pete Robbins

The father of my close law school friend Denise loved Jaguar automobiles. He owned several of them over the years and belonged to a car club. From the way she told it, half of the enjoyment the car owners got out of meeting with one another was to complain about their cars’ quality control issues and mechanical flaws. When Ford bought Jaguar, the problems decreased, but the club had less to talk about. Some members actually seemed less enthused about belonging as their cars ran flawlessly. Continue reading We Love to be Unhappy

Supply and Demand

By Pete Robbins

Right now, the hottest ticket on Broadway is “Hamilton,” the unexpectedly (to me) popular hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton (not 1992 Bassmaster Classic Champion Robert Hamilton Jr.). It has won many awards and achieved much acclaim, and therefore the producers of the show plan to raise the price of their premium tickets to $849. That three-digit price is just small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who created the show, wrote the music and stars as Alexander Hamilton, has announced that he is leaving the show in July, and it is expected that prime seats for his final performance will fetch in the range of $10,000. Continue reading Supply and Demand

Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge – Pre-Derby Seminar

By Mark Fong

On a very warm Thursday evening to an enthusiastic group of anglers, Delta Guide and Yamamoto Pro Staffer Andy “Cooch” Cuccia made the trek to the Fisherman’s Warehouse in Sacramento, California for the annual Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge pre-tourney seminar. As usual Cuccia did not disappoint, revealing candid and in depth insight like only he can into one of the nation’s best bass fisheries. Continue reading Yamamoto Big Bass Challenge – Pre-Derby Seminar

Pardon the Disruption

By Pete Robbins

Everyone in the world of big business seems to be obsessed with the concept of “disruption.” I’m using that term loosely, not in the narrowly defined academic sense, but rather to mean anything that upends the traditionally accepted business models and norms. For example, Uber has disrupted the taxi business, Tesla has the potential to disrupt the traditional dealer-network model for selling cars. Wikipedia and Google marked the last nail in the coffin of the door-to-door encyclopedia salesman. Continue reading Pardon the Disruption